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gh ethereum btcrelay. btcrelay by ethereum - Ethereum contract for Bitcoin SPV: Live on https  Subscribe to updates I use btcrelay. Statistics on btcrelay. Price: $0.00. External oracles: BTCRelay. BTCRelay is a bridge between Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains.  The BTCRelay approach is not safe against the miner incentive problem. وعن طريق هذين العلمين بنى ابن الأثير شهرته في عصره، وإن غلبت صفة المؤرخ عليه حتى كادت تحجب ما سواها. والعلاقة بين التخصصين وثيقة جدا

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BTCRelay functions as an oracle for transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, meaning you can write smart contracts on Ethereum that respond to events on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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